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Blog News and updates from Drowned in Black

  • Black Wide Sleeve Armhole Denim Vest

    Sold out.

    Good and bad news: We’re sold out. The last run of vests sold out in under 2 hours. I’m overwhelmed by the response and am proud to produce vests you care about snagging. But… It…
  • interviews_spotify_header-1500x430

    Spotify, you say? Check out Big Riff!

    Vinyl looks great, CDs sound great and cassettes are damn annoying. So in 2016 what is the metalhead’s go to medium?   Spotify, of course.   Infact, Kim Kelly recently wrote for Noisey to say…
  • cannibal-corpse-merchandise

    Cannibal Corpse VEST WINNER Announced

    Recently we ran a competition via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.   Up for grabs was a custom made CANNIBAL CORPSE vest, created in your size by us here at Drowned in Black.   Today it’s…
  • Dracula's Guest Full Book

    Dracula’s Guest

    Dracula’s Guest By Bram Stoker   When we started for our drive the sun was shining brightly on Munich and the air was full of the joyousness of early summer. Just as we were about…
  • jason_drownedinblack-3

    Jason Tankerley Lookbook

      All photos by Meghan Caseau. Model: Jason Tankerley.
  • Kyotan Watain Jacket 02

    Watain Militia Jacket

    This jacket turned out insanely awesome. The owner chose 7 very iconic black metal bands and allowed us free creative reign with placement of the patches. The Nargaroth patch sits neatly on the side with…
  • Battlevest Site

    What is Drowned in Black?

    NEWSFLASH: Drowned In Black IS NOT another sweatshop in China! Now that’s cleared up, let’s tell you what Drowned in Black IS: • A scream for more black on black denim attacks • The safety-pin…