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Skulls Blood Splatter T Shirt

Believe it or not, this shirt is made from 100% cotton and 0% human flesh. It’s actually a super soft blend and feels much better than most band merch. We thought we’d print on PREMIUM shirts so you’d want to wear them every single day.

Blood splatter logo makes this design go from black print at the bottom, to white, through to crimson red in the Drowned in Black logo. We use GT-3 inks that print INTO the cotton and don’t lay on top. This means even the printed area is soft, and it will LAST a lifetime without fading. It’s the absolute best.

• Super soft blend
• Baby-knit cotton jersey
• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
• Art designed by Karl Dahmer
• Side-seamed

Don’t you imagine yourself perched on top of the skulls of your enemies as you stitch another patch on your vest? I know I do.



1 review for Skulls Blood Splatter T Shirt

  • Right after I put on the shirt, the Devil possessed me and my face turned into a screaming horned skull dripping with lava. I proceeded to slay all my enemies and their families with my fists and a chainsaw taped to a shotgun. After that, I took over America’s nuclear arsenal and now I am God-Emperor. I then went to a slam death metal show and kicked holes through 80 fat dudes. Even though the shirt is 100% fuckin’ soft cotton, it has now fused to my skin like living armor because I am one with Satan. My girlfriend says it (and I) smell, but I don’t care. It is the best shirt with the most rad art from the best clothing company. Hail Chris (aka the Devil)!

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