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Drowned In Black IS NOT another sweatshop in China!

Now that’s cleared up, let’s tell you what Drowned in Black IS:

• A scream for more black on black denim attacks

• The safety-pin Police! ZERO TOLERANCE!

• A family akin to the Italian Mafia, but scruffier and with a much lower crime rate

Who created Drowned in Black?

Drowned in Black was created by myself, Christopher, and is ran by myself, Christopher.

It’s me writing this, wearing the vests in pictures, uploading to instagram,  answering your emails, stitching your vests.

After transforming a jacket for my wife this past Valentine’s Day I decided I’d offer the stitching service to people other than her and I.

Many people out there do not have the resources (mainly time) to create an awesome looking vest. You see people with pinned-on or peeling patches and it drives me WILD! Argh!! Let me help you! So, I offer a service to create your custom vest for you. Strong, reliable, and exactly how you want it.

No more thread tangles. Loosing the eye of the needle. No more melted burnt patches. No more 4 hours of stitching to step back and realise it’s wonky. No more hassle – unless you enjoy all of these.. Which I sort of do.

Creating is my passion. I happen to love the needle stabbing my finger and the meticulous time spent lining things up precisely. This is not a business I run – there are much more profitable businesses, it is not my full time job. This is art I love to create and spend time on. I get out of my bed excited to work on a new vest. Every day.

Want me to help you create a custom vest? Click here

I couldn’t do this without 2 things:
1. My wife being the brains.
2. The overwhelming response from you when the vest lands on your doorstep.
Hearing how amazed people are when they put their arms in their battlejackets for the first time.

That’s what keeps me going.

So get in touch, let’s talk about your vest and exactly how you want it.
I’d love to hear from you.

– Chris,
Drowned in Black

Drowned in Black Crew